Gut Reaction – Percussive Dance Theatre

Gut Reaction – Percussive Dance Theatre

Date 13 Dec 2017 / 8:00pm - 13 Dec 2019 / 11:00pm

Location: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt, Berlin, Deutschland

Price: € 12,50€, erm. 9,50€


New World PREMIERE short extract (#plastic) + #top_sKreen (our last production) + special guests.

DOORS: 19:00|NEW PREMIERE EXTRACT:20:00 (ish)|ADAMORE & LENA LONLEY: 20:30 (ish)|#Top_sKreen show: 21:15 (ish)

GUT REACTION is an English expression that indicates a reaction to a situation derived by a person’s instinct and experience. MARCO RIVAGLI e GIULIA MANDELLI, both established professionals in their own artistic field, after many previous collaborations, give birth to the Gut Reaction at the beginning of 2015. The unique style that characterizes them, leads the audience on a journey into the most improbable imaginaries through an investigation where theatre, body movement, music and rhythm collide.

Energy, freshness, art and instinct are the heart of the project. Gut Reaction put on the market a new vision where the artist, the audience and the event organization collaborate in the creation of the show itself. Their work is SITE SPECIFIC: dramaturgy, choreography and music are composed specifically for the location. The duo, that has already performed many shows all over Europe, offers piéces for a very heterogeneous audience. At the moment, after the release of their video ALCAEUS (Italy, 2015), and 2 other productions (4MOODS & Whole Blinded) they are presenting their most recent creation: #top_sKreen, already performed on tour from Berlin to Sicily in May 2017.

GUT REACTION (Percussive Dance Theatre) wants to create a brand new performance understanding the relationship between technology and humans in the 21 st century and making people aware that, with these new comforts, we are facing new and deeper problems.

We ask the question: how much beneficial can this technological influence be when instead of enhancing the quality of human life it seems to erase the real physical and emotional connection between people?

“We” are prioritizing social networks communities giving birth of a walking herd of smartphone zombies. We are brainwashed, manipulated and unconsciously truly alone: welcome to #top_sKreen (“E-Motions: a journey through ARTificial minds), our new 2017 creation.

A little scary and concrete example of what could happen nowadays: If one morning we found an article on the newspaper saying that somebody died because somebody else was immersed into looking how many likes his or her cute selfie received, we would actually believe at the news. It would NOT sound impossible in today’s world. Isn’t it too much?

We are not using cellphones, but rather SELF-PHONES: are we living a kind of George Orwell prediction (Almost dated 70 years back)?

Gut Reaction would like to demonstrate that if and when technology is being used with reason it becomes a valuable tool, an artistic language that instead of isolating people sensitizes them toward the problem. We will not put on stage how “cool” is using technology, but rather show what just described, criminalizing the shallowness of social media relationships and the addiction to smartphones, through a very avant-garde way of expression, thanks to the usage of an extremely modern instrumentation (electronic drums) together with the ancestral language of dance and acoustic percussions. A technologically ancestral language that denounces the failure of human judgement and the ways technology has been used so far.

It’d be like attributing to Einstein the making of the atomic bomb instead of discovering E=mc².
Special Guests: ADAMORE & Lena Lonley!

GUT REACTION (Percussive Dance Theatre)
Giulia Mandelli – Marco Rivagli


What: Gut Reaction – Percussive Dance Theatre
When: 13. Dezember 2017
Where: Cage Club, Spreewerkstätten
Entrance: 15 Euro